OVERLAND is anchored by the guidance of our scholars insuring a thought-provoking, well-researched, historically-sound, work of contemporary documentary filmmaking .


Edward O. Wilson   Harvard University, Biologist, Naturalist

miriam cooke   Braxton Craven Professor of Arab Cultures at Duke University and Director of the Duke University Middle East Studies Center

Agustin Fuentes  Professor of Anthropology, Chair of Anthropology Department, University of Notre Dame and National Geographic Explorer

Theodore J. Cachey University of Notre Dame, Romance Languages

Dorothy Verkerk  University of North Carolina, Art History

Allen Anderson  University of North Carolina, Music Composition

Peter Kahn  University of Washington, EcoPsychology

Natalia Guedes  Fundação Oriente, Lisbon, Portugal, Art Historian

Nick Fox  Biology, England

Tim Gallagher  Editor Living Bird Magazine, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Author